Unleash Your Creativity: Turn Your Footage into Stunning Templates!

Are you ready for a challenge that's going to take your creativity to the next level? We're excited to announce a new opportunity where you can send us your own live-action footage and we'll turn it into stunning templates.

Here's What You Need to Know Before You Start Filming

Follow these simple instructions from our Head of Animation, Relja, to ensure your footage is usable and can be transformed into breathtaking templates.

Did you catch all that?

Here are the guidelines one more time…


Focus your attention on creating an environment or background that's ready for something to be added later - like a logo, text or image that you'll upload.


To make sure we can track camera or object movement on the screen, your video footage needs to have enough easily distinguishable details. So, dirty and gritty surfaces are ideal!


You can upload landscape or portrait videos. Preferably portrait. Make sure they’re HD or 4K in 9:16 or 16:9 aspect ratio.


Keep the empty or placeholder area centered in view, but allow some space around it. Try to imagine where your logo, image or text will be and frame the shot as if it's already there.


Submit Your Video

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Don't forget...

  • Don't trim or crop your video before sending it to us to preserve the quality
  • Upload the video directly from your phone if possible
  • Add guidelines to let us know where you want the logo or text to be placed
  • If only a short segment of a larger video is intended, let us know when it starts and ends using seconds
Each month we’ll select a number of submitted videos, transform them into templates and release them on the Viddyoze platform!

Your video has better chance of being selected if you avoid the following:

  • Videos that are too short or less than 4 seconds long
  • Videos that are too blurry or too compressed
  • Videos that are too shaky
  • Videos that are over or underexposed
  • Videos that depict children
  • Videos depicting recognizable faces
  • Videos depicting profanity, nudity, drug or alcohol use or violence
  • Videos depicting topics of discrimination
  • Videos depicting brands and other copyrighted material

Who Can Get Involved?

Only Viddyoze Pro members can submit their live-action footage to be used in our animations.

However, becoming a Pro member is super easy and can even be done for free!

As a Pro member, you'll gain access to all of our advanced features and you’ll also be able to contribute to the Viddyoze community.

So what are you waiting for? Join Viddyoze Pro today and start making your mark on the world of animation.